Evolutionism’s Worldview

The search for good / true science is a difficult one to master for anyone because of personal worldviews. Within western society, secular science has taken control. It assumes there is no supernatural or spiritual. In essence, it chooses to ignore these possibilities and tells lies that these possibilites do not exist to maintain that control. Yet, a need for understanding creation in science has arisen because the believer has been attacked by the concepts of Evolutionism. These concepts cannot be blamed as the cause of evil. However, they are a powerful weapon and tool used by the enemy, Satan, to deny or decrease the value of life and hinder or block a relationship with the Creator. It is a concept with a surprising amount of destructive power because it brings the authority and accuracy of the Scriptures into question and doubt.

Testimony of a Creationist

This journal is a record of my personal experiences, thoughts, and lessons while on the search for created kinds and while exploring our physical world. These experiences are motivated by both the need for field research and my own desire to understand life.

Life Is Precious

One of the best ways to encourage life is to boldly confront the issues raised by the great questions of life rather than fearing or shying away from them. If we do not have the answers to these questions, then our lives will generally become reactive to situations and people rather than proactive towards a goal. Reactions to family, friends, work, and society may produce a lifestyle we are comfortable with, but a lifestyle is not life itself. When we know the answers to the questions of life, it will produce a sense of purpose and meaning that can give us goals and projects on which to move forward. It is a means to life abundant and a life with blessing.